Scalability from Marketing administration to locations

Scalability from Marketing administration to locations without loosing local customization. Imagine buying a Ferrari that never ran out of fuel. Make Vanilla Mail your own platform, white labelled B2B product, allowing you to make sure the content provided is fundamentally to your business or industry and supporting your key suppliers or sponsors. The locations can select from their library, edit, add or remove content and send, all within seconds.

What Can
Admin Expect

White Labeled & Customised To Help Expand Your Business

Custom Domain

Vanilla mail has been created to represent your brand, whether this is about your logo Or more importantly your domain. When You locations send their campaigns your domain will be represented. This will have a positive affect on your SEO If linking to a central website.

Custom Campaigns & Assets

Create custom/corporate campaigns and share to your locations. Driving Consistency across your brand. Upload designated assets for your locations to use and share.

Analytical data. Sending
And More

Analytical data

Check in and see which locations are sending, sharing your templates or assets, more importantly check out the consolidated open rates. Help share future content.

Understand Your Location Customers

Check in to you template detailed analytics to review Total sends, total opens and total clicks, cross reference with your sales to measure your ROI.

Aggregated Data

Have the ability to aggregate your location data On a bulk scale, sends, opens unsubscribes. Gain and overall “big data” perspective.

What Can Your
Location Expect

Powerful Corporate Brand Marketing Platform.

Email Creation

Locations can select from head office library Of creative consistent templates, the the flex ability to edit, add local content and send.

Easy To Use campaign builder

The campaign builder is primary function is drag & drop, combine this with Youtube and Commerce Integration creating professional campaigns is Endless.

High Deliverability, EDMs, Social and Print Functions

Your Own Domain & Server

Dedicated Domain With your corporate dedicated domain your deliverability increases 10 fold. Trust by the receiver receiving news from their trusted location will enhance open and Engagement.

Geo Mapping

Tracking their customers destination to help improve they style of content and time of year for specific campaigns.

Social Media & Print Posters

Your locations will have corporate access to your asset and print library. Share these assets to their Facebook accounts, edit and print posters for in store exposure.

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